Why you must locum at least once during Christmas?

Christmas is just round the corner and there are festivities all around. It’s the time of the year, when your family makes you feel special and you make your loved ones feel the same. Most of you might already have made elaborate plans for the special day. But if you haven’t yet, have you thought of doing locum shifts? After all, caring for the needy is what makes you who you are. Here I would like to share with you, why you must experience working locum during Christmas.
Higher earning potential: Christmas typically is time when most people will take leave and choose to stay away from the workplace. Hence this is the time when hospitals not only have a lot of vacancies, but they also find it most difficult to cover the shifts, even with locums. This being the perfect recipe for good locum rates will obviously help you earn handsomely, even if you decide to work only a few shifts. In other words, you earn much more for the same amount of time. So more bang for the same buck! You might even receive travel and accommodation allowance on top.
More options to choose from: Around Christmas many hospitals are short staffed simultaneously, hence there would be a number of locum posts advertised. This is the best time when you can choose the hospital or unit where you wish to work, rather than be forced to locum what you get. You may decide to choose the hospital depending on your preferences like the place, type of unit, networking opportunity, locum rates etc.
Become Dr Dependable: Making oneself available for work during Christmas has one more advantage. If you help a hospital provide adequate cover during the time of distress, the hospital is more likely to prefer you the next time when in dire need. So you become Dr Dependable for hospitals as well as your locum agency. People will thank you from the core of their heart. This also makes you favourite not only amongst the HR but even your medical colleagues for any upcoming substantive position in that particular unit.
Festivities all around: It’s a completely different feeling when you are working around Christmas. The atmosphere is a lot happier, cheerful with a sparkle of festive mood all around. Believe me, you will find working a lot less stressful this time of the year.  There are lot of celebrations all around. But the cost of travel and stay during the Christmas season can be quite expensive. This locum job can help you cover most of the expenses.
I had an opportunity to work as a locum in one of the hospitals in Cardiff. So I could see the city almost for free. It was there that I witnessed my best ever Christmas market, which probably I wouldn’t have never seen otherwise.
So locum during Christmas can be more rewarding, enriching and might even become a memorable one. Why not give it a try?
Dr Ashwin Saboo
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