To Locum or not to Locum, that is the question…

Whether you are a junior doctor looking to gain more clinical experience, an international doctor trying to find work in the UK or a consultant considering a career change, there are many benefits to locum doctor work. Get ready to launch your locum career with RIG Locums.

Junior Doctors

If you’re a junior doctor you may been keen to explore your career options before committing to a specialism. Locum doctor jobs can be a great way to earn while you decide which speciality path to follow. Temporary doctor posts usually offer lucrative rates, giving you an opportunity to save money whilst exploring a variety of different departments, hospitals and locations nationwide.

When you have little clinical experience it can be difficult to decide on the type of the place you’d like to work in the future. Locum placements can help you build a clearer picture of what to aim for and will strengthen your CV. Some hospitals will contract locum  doctors while they recruit for the position permanently. If the role is temp to perm you’ll be able to get a foot in the door and demonstrate your suitability for the post. If there is no possibility of extension you should still aim to leave a lasting impression if you want to be considered for future roles.

International Doctors

In the UK there is a huge demand for overseas doctors of all specialisms and grades. If you’re looking to move to the UK permanently and you haven’t worked in Britain before, Locum contracts are a great way to gain an insight into how the British healthcare system works and what life is really like here. Having some relevant UK locum experience on your CV will also improve your chances of finding permanent employment if you wish to settle here. Many doctors from overseas use their annual leave to take working holidays in Britain before making a permanent move and those that decide to return home find that UK experience improves their employment prospects in their native country.

Portfolio Career/Part-time employment

If you prize flexibility in the work place above all else then locum doctor work can be a good principal or additional source of income. Many locum workers choose to work part-time in medicine or in another field and use locum doctor jobs to supplement their principal income, as and when required. If you have a hobby, want to make time for charity work or a freelance project such as launching your own clinic/surgery, then you can comfortably combine this with locum positions during the hours you have available. Every day we hear from more doctors looking for a better work/life balance who decide to opt for flexible locum placements that fit around their schedules. Although the prospect may sound daunting, it is possible and we have many success stories to prove it!

Career Locum

Regardless of any preconceptions you may already have about working as a Locum, taking on contract placements can actually become a fruitful long term career move. Becoming a full-time locum is particularly well suited to doctors that enjoy variety and change. If you are willing to work with less stability then the financial benefits are huge, higher than average pay rates are guaranteed. The more experience you have as a locum doctor the easier it will become to secure future placements and build a reputation for yourself. If you maintain a good relationship with your locum recruitment agency it’s also possible to line placements up seamlessly one after the other whilst also having the flexibility to take as little or as much annual leave as you desire.


If you are coming up to retirement age but want to continue working with less stress and less responsibility, then working as a locum doctor may be ideal for you. Expect the same challenges without the stress of a full –time permanent job. As a locum you can work when you want, take as much annual leave as you need and get paid the rates you deserve. If you are tired and overworked and are looking to lighten your workload then consider locum placements as an alternative to retirement.
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If you are thinking about becoming a locum in the short-term or making a career move from perm to temp then get in touch with one of our recruitment consultants to discuss your options. We recruit for the NHS, Private Hospitals and Surgeries nationwide and are able to offer advice and guidance as well as finding locum positions to match your requirements.

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