RIG goes to Greece

Rig made the trip to Greece to speak and exhibit at the British Councils medical and health care professionals career fair. Held on the 4th and 5th November in Thessaloniki and Athens respectively our teams delivered a seminar on securing the right role in the UK where they covered the high demand for Doctors, Nurses and AHP workers in the UK, how RIG can help and introduced everyone to our dedicated International recruiter, Greek National, Yannis Malavakis.

The reason why NHS trusts work with RIG is we predominantly work with international candidates which increments the supply of doctors and other healthcare professionals into the NHS rather then using the existing pool of local candidates hospitals already have access to. This means we focus on working with international professionals who have received their medical training outside the UK as opposed to within the NHS meaning we add to the resources of our clients in a way other agencies cannot.

Why is there such a high demand?

UK population – Projected to increase by 9.6m over the next 25 years from 64.1m today

Seasonal demand / flexibility – Winter pressures and holidays create seasonal demands which the NHS cannot fully cater for

Ageing population – The number of people aged 80+ in the UK is projected to more than double to 6m by 2037

Care in the Community – Recent focus on Care in the Community as a solution to managing the increasing pressure on hospitals

How can RIG help?

  • Our dedicated Greek international recruiter
  • Dedicated Compliance team of 26 staff to help with documentation
  • Separate teams focused on either Locum or Permanent jobs
  • Access to Recruitment Consultants who are experts in their fields and available 24/7
  • Help securing accommodation in the UK
  • Sourcing you the best role suited to you

The trip was a resounding success with the seminars packed and queues of professionals waiting in line to speak one on one with Yannis himself.

If you’re thinking of working in the UK, RIG can help with the transition, get in touch with us today [email protected]