NHS Opportunities for European Doctors

RIG Locums are a specialist recruitment agency who work very closely with NHS Hospitals across the UK recruiting into long term vacant posts. At this time we are witnessing a record number of vacancies for doctors going unfilled and a lot of these vacancies are being sent to preferred suppliers like RIG Locums to seek alternative supply routes from outside the UK.

We’ve noticed many hospitals have now become open to taking on doctors from outside of the UK to cover these posts initially as a locum and with the opportunity to potentially transition into permanent roles thereafter.

To tie in with this, the General Medical Council (GMC) have brought in a new membership scheme in which doctors from countries within the European Union will be able to get a temporary GMC license for the period of 12 months. This means it allows doctors who are registered and established in one country within the EEA to provide services in another country on a temporary and occasional basis. We have attached a link below to explain this.


As one of the largest and most well-known providers of Locum Doctors to the NHS we have written a whitepaper so we can help our candidates coming over from abroad, please use the below link to read about doctor’s who have come to the UK and shared their experiences with us, while they were in a locum post through RIG Locums. It also gives an insight into what life of a locum is like within the UK with hints and tips of for getting your first post in the UK.

International Doctors’ Guide to the NHS

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