Junior Doctor Crisis

While some of us were enjoying our bank holiday weekend in the sunshine unfortunately some 1500 Junior Doctors were in crisis as they were informed on the Friday afternoon that the job offers they had received were being rescinded due to a technical error whilst transferring data. Many Doctors at this point have already committed to life changes, moving families, committing to further financial commitments now they were confident of a long-term position with stability. The Royal College of Physicians and ST3 Recruitment who are the RCP specialty Recruitment Office advised they were sorry and wrote to all candidates with the issue, http://www.st3recruitment.org.uk/news/major-issue-with-st3-2018-r1-process-offers-to-be-re-run

Junior Doctors are now in limbo whilst the re-offering process begins not knowing where or whether they will have a job offer at the end of it. For all affected there is now a FAQ document available to guide them through this process. http://www.st3recruitment.org.uk/documents

RIG Locums are the leading recruiter of long term locum doctor positions who have helped hundreds of junior doctors who have decided to take a year out before committing to the next stage of their career over the years. We are confident that we can offer assistance and information to anyone who needs it. Browse our jobs now or give us a call on 0800 690 6044.