Changes to IR35 Legislation from 6th April 2017

RIG is here to support you through the upcoming changes for off payroll workers in the public sector and the changes to IR35 Legislation from 6th April 2017

We are  updating you on the changes in tax legislation being introduced by HMRC and Government from 6th April 2017 and how this may impact the way you supply your services to the NHS

RIG Healthcare (including RIG Locums) is one of the largest suppliers of temporary AHP’s, Locum Doctors and HSS professionals to the NHS having supplied healthcare professionals to the NHS for over 14 years with well over 1 million hours of supply in 2016 to Hospitals across the UK.
Therefore, you can rest assured RIG have invested considerable time to understand these changes fully and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that you have the appropriate information needed to ensure that you choose the most compliant and least disruptive solutions available in order to comply with the upcoming changes.

You can read our communications below:

Communication 1: IR35 changes to NHS Suppliers & Public Sector Workers and what RIG is doing to help.

Communication 2: Further Update on upcoming changes for off payroll working in the public sector and the changes to IR35 legislation from 6th April 2017.

Communication 3: IR35 Further Update

Communication 4: IR35 Update with Payroll Deadlines

Communication 5: Final IR35 Communication

RIG Umbrella PSL

Timesheet Submission Deadline List

IR35 Infographic


Tell your friends…. Finally, if you have any colleagues or friends who may not be registered with RIG but could benefit from leveraging the size of RIG to get a great deal from pre-vetted and compliant umbrella company solutions then please forward this email on to them and encourage them to get in touch with us ASAP.


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