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CPL are particularly keen on speaking to newly qualified Oncology SPR/Consultants who have achieved CCT and are actively seeking their first consultant role.

You will be well aware of the current shortage of Consultant Oncology Doctors in the UK, as finding a relative role may be a difficult and strenuous task. Agency representation may be ideal for you. At CPL with a combined market knowledge and experience of 10+ years we are highly efficient in seeking doctors the most suitable role through our network of connections obtained through years of market knowledge and client relations.

Below are reasons why our locums pick CPL:

Short-Term Commitment: Doctors who want to try out different healthcare settings without making a long-term commitment may find agency work appealing since many assignments are temporary or contract based. 

Support and Advocacy: CPL can advocate for doctors in negotiations with healthcare facilities, helping to secure favorable terms and conditions for their assignments.

Diverse Job Opportunities: Working with CPL can expose doctors to a wide range of job opportunities and various geographic locations, allowing doctors to establish great relationships potentially leading to future job opportunities or collaborations.

Please note in order to be considered we require: 

  • Valid GMC required.
  • Valid right to work.
  • UK experience preferred.

We can assist with updating your compliance, planning travel and accommodation, providing mandatory training/CPD courses and we are also a designated body with the GMC offering services for appraisal and revalidation.

If you’d like to hear more from us regarding current roles available: Please contact Naeem on 07884773614 or [email protected]

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