Ophthalmologist shares his experiences as a UK locum doctor

Dr Roy - PictureDr Roy is a consultant ophthalmologist from India with previous UK experience. He was looking to re-join the NHS after a long sabbatical when he connected with specialist recruiter Tayla Jarvis, who helped him secure his first locum doctor postion. 

What made you decide to become a doctor and more specifically, an ophthalmologist?

 Dr Roy “My grandpa was a doctor which greatly influenced my decision to become one. I found ophthalmology a relatively easy subject to understand in medical school, yet very interesting!”

What do you enjoy most about your specialism?

“I enjoy the intricacies of ophthalmology, as well as it being the right mixture of medicine and surgery, great patient satisfaction and no night calls!”

What has been the biggest challenge in returning to work in the UK after such a large break?

“Adjusting to NHS procedures in terms of documentation (paperwork, computer work) and greater patient and GMC expectations”

What advice would you give to doctors that are considering working as a locum in the UK? 

“Locum work can be very lucrative if you’re not contemplating a substantive career”.

What differences have you noticed between the NHS and the Indian medical system?

“It is difficult to compare the two but the NHS demands greater responsibilities, accountability and ethics from doctors. However in India we work much longer hours than in the UK”.

You found your first locum post with RIG Locums help, what was the experience like? 

“My experience with RIG has been a very pleasant one so far. I am grateful to them for making my transition back to UK work after a long break relatively easy!” 

Tayla Jarvis: “Dr Roy has been an excellent doctor to work with and it has been a privilege to assist him in securing his first ophthalmology locum job in the UK. Typically one of the biggest concerns for doctors coming to the UK is the difference in healthcare systems and the paperwork expected. We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible, answering all queries thoroughly to ensure our locum doctors have peace of mind. 

As Dr Roy mentioned, working as a locum doctor can be very lucrative and great way to get into the NHS. As a specialist recruiter, I have a number of clients who are supportive of non-UK experienced locum doctors and together we can help more of them in their transition to the NHS system. If you are interested in locum ophthalmology postions in the UK, please do not hesitate to get in touch!”