Endoscopy Nurse -Manchester – £350 per day

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We are looking for experienced and highly motivated Endoscopy nurses to work in our private insourcing company team. You will be working within a highly supportive team as an Endoscopy Nurse within Manchester trusts providing excellent patient care. You will be responsible for caring out pre-assessments, admitting patients into the endoscopy unit, assisting the consultants and discharging patients from the unit. You will participate in all general endoscopy procedures and scrub for some minor surgeries.

General Responsibilities: 

  • Answering patient questions and addressing their concerns.
  • Observing patient vital signs.
  • Sedating patients before procedures.
  • Recovering patients after procedures.
  • Administering the necessary medication to patients.
  • Keeping the patient informed throughout the duration of the procedure.
  • Completing all necessary documentation including patient notes and discharge documents.
  • Preparing the instruments, equipment, and supplies for the procedure.
  • Cleaning and sterilizing equipment before use.
  • Providing assistance to Doctors throughout the procedure.
  • Administering IV drips


  • Demonstrated experience in inpatient care.
  • Proficiency using endoscopic equipment.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Good organizational skills.

Pay :

  • £350 a day – weekday rate 
  • PAYE 

If you are interested in this work then please apply and/or contact : Remel Benjamin07990 034 533

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